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The Parish Plan


The Siddington Parish Plan is a unique opportunity for all residents to voice their thoughts about Siddington today and the way they would like it to be in the future.


Driven by a group of villagers, this innovative project is fully supported by the Parish Council and Cotswold District Council. It provides evidence that can be used to influence decisions made by these and other government bodies. Crucially, it provides valuable evidence when community groups need funding.


Siddington's First Parish Plan 2010  was launched at a public meeting in February 2010.

This 22-page document sets out the results of extensive public consultation carried out by a Steering Group in 2009. This questionnaire survey achieved an impressive 80% response rate. The Plan itself, based firmly on the concerns and wishes emerging from that consultation, lists about 60 'action points', grouped under three main headings: Community and Services; Environment; and Traffic, Transport and Parking.


An Action Group implemented this Plan, in close liaison with the Parish Council and with the support of the Gloucestershire Rural Community Council and the Cotswold District Council.


At the SPP AGM held on 22nd October 2014 a report was presented on the work of the Action Group during the past year and a proposal for the future. Following a new consultation process held early 2014 it was accepted most of the items listed in the 2010 Plan had been completed. Although much progress has been made there remain some continuing perennial problems (traffic/speeding, village cleanliness and crime & anti-social behaviour). Some changes have been identified as being outside the control of Siddington (eg. reducing speed limits/solving flooding and controlling housing development). The small dedicated team had invited further assistance from residents to take on the three continuing problems but summarised in consultation with the Parish Council that the work of the SPP should be brought to a conclusion leaving the Parish Council to provide oversight and support of the three remaining task groups. The 2010 SPP has been a resounding success and a benefit to everyone living in Siddington. Malcolm Moseley, Chairman of SPP Action Group would like to extend his personal thanks to everyone involved since it’s inception in early 2009. 







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