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Next month's editors

Marcia and Justin Turner

marcia.turner or 01285 642792

Deadline for submissions: 15th March


Siddington Village News was set up in 1986. The first Siddington Village News was published in December 1986. The idea came from Bunny Clarke, who had recently moved into the village and recognised the need for a regular newsletter.


This monthly eight-page publication is distributed at the start of each month and is packed with interesting articles and information about forthcoming events in the village. Some of the regular slots include parish council minutes with information about planning applications, events organized by clubs and groups, the church diary, news from the school, and information about the Village Hall.


Villagers are able to submit articles about the village to the editor. These will include advertising forthcoming events, fetes, meetings, and announcing any special achievements of any person or organisation in the village. At times there may be insufficient space for all the articles submitted.



The Village News is funded by contributions in the Village News tin in the shop; sponsorship of an edition by local businesses, regular contributors, private individuals; support from the Parish Council; a small amount of advertising.


Editors and distribution

The Village News is edited by a different editor each month, all of whom live in the village. Each month a dedicated team of distributors drop off about 585 copies of the publication to all the houses in the village. If you would like to become involved with the Village News, either as a writer, an editor or a distributor, we would love to hear from you.



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