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Siddington in the press


Siddington allotments in Country Living Magazine,

Grow and Cook, May-December 2011

The Siddington allotments are at the heart of the village. This is an age-old scene of fellow villagers digging, sowing and planting up their allotments. We are proud that the quintessential beauty of this very special place has been recognised by Country Living Magazine from May to December 2011 in a special feature called Grow and Cook:

Country Living Magazine May 2011

Country Living Magazine June 2011

Country Living Magazine July 2011

Country Living Magazine August 2011

Country Living Magazine September 2011

Country Living Magazine October 2011

Country Living Magazine November 2011

Country Living Magazine December 2011


Siddington Shop and Post Office

Ann and Peter Gibbons of Siddington Shop and Post Office had the shock of their life after discovering a slippery customer had been living alongside them for more than a month. Ann explained how she and her husband recoiled in horror when they spotted a fully grown python with its body wrapped around a beam in their attic. The Darwin carpet python called Dawkins had escaped from a neighbour's tank and it is believed the sneaky serpent had made itself at home in the Gibbons' loft for more than a month. Anne said: "I was so nervous when we found it - I couldn't believe it. I didn't want it in my attic a second longer even though I'd been living with it for over a month. But once I knew it was there it had to go."


To find out more, visit: The Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard